About Beech Grove Associates

Beech Grove Associates (BGA) was founded in 2010, with a focus on international development.

We are a core of three, who combine academic and professional practitioner experience, our Associates extends to an international network of fellow professionals and academics who share our interests. We work in UK and many countries throughout the world. Our governing philosophy is that good practice is reflective practice.

The founding core members have over 50 years experience of programme and project management in the public sector at home and in developing countries. BGA has a range of experienced associates whom they draw on for particular skills and expertise. We work with public and private sector clients on assignments lasting from a few days to several years. Our work is usually financed by international development agencies.

Our Commitment

As citizens as well as professionals with a public service background, we have an equal commitment to effective governance, good society and a sustainable environment. Beech Grove Associates provides a forum for continuing dialogue as well as continuous improvement of practice, around:

  • policy issues of the public domain
  • processes of responsible governance, through the formal as well as informal structures in society
  • the development of effective civil society institutions
  • decentralisation and the democratic deficit
  • as well as management styles and practices appropriate to context